The story of Garibaldi B&B

I love my city, I love the fact that it’s so rooted in its traditions and at the same time deeply oriented towards innovation and the future; I lose myself watching the sun that borns from the Arno and there returns to dive in the evening giving a show that my eye can only admire. I rejoice in the scent of the schiacciata that the bakers have been preparing wisely for years, managing to balance the right quantities of flour, water and salt, but I rejoice even more when I taste it and its flavor reminds me of tradition and values. I love listening to stories I didn’t know about this city, discovering secrets that have remained hidden from the succession of years and ages: it makes me feel like a child searching for magic.

My Name is Luigi Fabiani, owner of the B&B Garibaldi, and I was born and raised in Pisa. I have worked and met people from all over the world. From here I leaved hundreds of times looking for new adventures, new teachings, but I always came back because I never thought about leaving the only place where I really feel at home. I have lived most of my life in contact with people, and I am grateful to all those who with small gestures made me look at the world from a new perspective.

 The idea of this bed and breakfast came to my mind as I reflected on how important it is, in a travel experience, to come into contact with new worlds on a deeper level. In a city as touristic as Pisa is, sometimes you risk losing sight of the details that make it so unique and special. And it is precisely because of the desire to tell my territory to those who do not know it that I imagined the B&B Garibaldi, a space able to offer maximum comfort and able to convey the breathtaking elegance of my city.

Garibaldi Bed and Breakfast is located in the center of Pisa in an ancient palace in Piazza Garibaldi. Thanks to its strategic position, from b&b Garibaldi you can start exploring the wonders of this city and live your Tuscan vacation in complete relaxation.



Check-in and availability

Availability: H24
Check-in: 13-18
Check-out: 10